Gillian Brent is a sculptor based in Sheffield, England.

Her work centres around interpreting particular situations, contexts and places by investigating connections, perceptions and relationships and how they reflect and affect people’s social and intuitive responses.

Her sculpture and installations question and react to ideas of desirability, functionality and purpose. The work is constructed using formal and aesthetic relationships that respond and allude to objects, space and dynamics, creating new ones that synthesise and subvert her experiences and observations of the world.  She works with a range of materials including steel, wood, acrylic, vinyl and pre-existing objects.

A large part of Gillian’s practice is in a learning, engagement and research context working with both adults and children in arts projects, public commissions and programmes in partnership with galleries, universities, public and community organisations.

Gillian is co-founder of Material Voice, a collective of seven women artists based in Sheffield.

To find out more about what Gillian is up to at the moment go to PROJECT NEWS.

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