Gillian makes sculpture that is centred on interpreting particular contexts with objects and their power to convey narratives through material and physical presence.  By investigating connections, perceptions and relationships she reflects on the social, political and intuitive experiences they can represent.

Gillian works with a range of materials including metals, wood, concrete and pre-existing objects. Her work process is responsive and organic, using fairly simple techniques to construct sculpture and installations from collections of elements. Formal and aesthetic relationships within the works allude to function, creating spatial and dynamic configurations that synthesise her observations and suggest new narratives.

Gillian is experimenting with unconventional ways to present sculpture and 3D objects that gives them presence and an engaging approachability in the specific context of the space.

A large part of Gillian’s practice is in a learning, engagement and research context working with both adults and children in arts projects, public commissions and programmes in partnership with galleries, universities, public and community organisations.

Gillian is co-founder of Material Voice, a collective of seven women artists based in Sheffield.

She is also part This Stuff Matters, a discussion forum and exhibiting group with three other women sculptors from London and the North.

To find out more about what Gillian is up to at the moment go to PROJECT NEWS.

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