Gillian Brent is a sculptor and installation artist based in Sheffield, England. She makes works for gallery spaces and for the public realm.

A large part of Gillian’s practice is collaborative. She works as an artist in a learning and research context with galleries, universities, public and community organisations.

Gillian interprets particular contexts and places by investigating perceptions of the physical environment and how it reflects and affects people’s social and intuitive behaviour. Her sculpture and installations question and react to notions of beauty, functionality and purpose.

The work is constructed using formal and aesthetic relationships that respond and allude to existing objects, space and dynamics, creating new ones that synthesise and subvert her experiences and observations of the world, and those of her collaborators.

Gillian has worked with welded steel all her  career, working both with and against its structural and industrial properties. She also uses a variety of other materials and found objects in her work.


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