January 2020: Opening Matters

Work by L-R Sheila Volmer, Gillian Brent, Alexandra Harley, Sheila Volmer

I am one of four women sculptors from London and the North who have formed the discussion forum and exhibiting group This Stuff Matters. We first met as a group in 2019, through participating in an experimental mixed group show in London – Testing 123…, curated by John Bunker. 

Myself, Jill Gibson, Alex Harley and Sheila Vollmer had our inaugural show and artist talk Opening Matters on 31st January 2020, taking place at @unit3projects, East London. This event was opportunity for the four artists to engage together in critical reflection and debate about new work, and their practice and position as experienced women sculptors in the current contemporary art scene. 

The conversation was recorded and can be found at http://stuff-matters.co.uk