September 2019: ‘What is the Matter? Materials, Commodities, Narratives’

‘Work Life Balance’
steel, acrylic, Valchromat
Dixon’s workshop, Kelham Island Museum, Sheffield

The exhibition by the Material Voice collective at Kelham Island Museum has been a great success, with over 150 people attending the opening and many more visiting. Myself and the six other women artists from the collective have been delighted by the response from museum visitors, other artists and reviewers. is the Matter?

I presented ‘Work Life Balance’, a work in two parts; a 1.6m sculpture placed amongst the machinery and noise of one of the museum’s workshop displays, and an installation of nearly 200 table knives throughout the reconstruction of a 1916 kitchen.

It was fascinating researching in the museum’s stores and collection and an invigorating experience having such a powerful context to respond to and exhibit work.

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Detail, ‘Work Life Balance’
knives from the Hawley Collection
1916 kitchen, Kelham Island Museum