January 2015: Welcome

At last I have a new website that reflects my current work and practice.

2014 has been a busy year.

Among the highlights have been the Imagine project, a AHRC funded Connected Communities research programme with The Hepworth Wakefield and University of Sheffield where I worked with young people to explore how an art gallery collection can be used to facilitate them feel more socially connected with the city where they live.

I have also been working on another AHRC funded research programme, Dementia & Imagination through my role as Associate Artist at Nottingham Contemporary. We have been working in hospitals in Derbyshire delivering a series of creative activities linked to the Gallery’s exhibitions, providing research material for psychologists about how working with the visual arts can improve quality of life and support people with dementia being more part of their communities. This project is continuing through 2015.

I have worked with hundreds of children and young people at both Nottingham Contemporary and The Hepworth Wakefield, both in and outside formal education, looking at and discussing the exhibitions and making creative responses to them. Many of these children and young people have never been to an art gallery before and it’s great to see how much they get from engaging with the art and how much they enjoy experimenting with materials and making their own artwork.

2014 was the second year of Loudspeaker, an on-going series of workshops for women at Nottingham Contemporary in partnership with Changing Lives, which I deliver alongside another Associate Artist, Jo Dacombe. I am always inspired by the work the women make exploring the gallery exhibitions and their own identity.

I have had some time to make my own sculpture too, with a new collection of works; AW14.

I will continue to post in News what I am doing in the coming months and years.