Not a…

‘Not a Monument’, 2020
Steel, teak, concrete, imitation Georgian jug.

In 2020, Gillian has been finding alternative ways to present smaller sculptures other than on plinths, by placing them on larger sculptural structures. This has resulted in a series of works; Not a Table, Not a Stand, Not a Monument, Not a Column, Not a Rack…

The sculptures are made of a range of media and use various methods of joining materials, including encasing found objects in concrete, tying with rubber strip and inserting metal into wood.

‘Not a Column’, 2020
steel, teak, concrete, stainless steel teapot

Exhibited in the Winter Group Show at Linden Hall Studio

‘Not a Table 2’, 2020
Steel, oak, concrete, ceramic, wooden honey dipper, nutcracker

Exhibited as part of ‘Opening Matters, a pop-up show by This Stuff Matters.

‘Not a Stand’, 2020
Steel, teak, concrete, stone, rubber, plasticine, mini cast-iron frying pan
‘Not a Rack’, 2020
Steel, teak, plywood, concrete, rubber, plastic yarn cones.